Blame the Left V20.0 [English]

Just as I thought: Hamburg is being used as the alleged proof for yet another “left-wing radicals are far worse than right-wing radicals!!!!1!!!11!” narrative.

While “Alt Right”, i.e. white supremacy, is sitting in the White House and other governments while the NSU murders weren’t investigated for years and tons of documents were destroyed because “agencies” were involved, while thousands of refugee shelters burned down and only by sheer luck nobody died, now the unison cry of “The enemy is standing on the left!!!!1!!!11!!!” can be heard again over a few hooligans.

Agents provocateurs and false flag operations have happened before, but of course you have to assume that they didn’t happen here until real evidence occurs, despite Gladio, despite the Celle Hole, despite the NSU complex, despite a chokingly long chain of evidence.

For the stupid who are unable to differentiate: no, it’s not cool to burn down your neighbour’s car because you’re “against capitalism”; they’re probably living just as precariously as you are anyway. It wasn’t cool in the Paris banlieues several years ago either. Besides, I refuse to acknowledge hooliganism tourists as politically left, or political at all.

G20 in Hamburg has done to the public perception of leftists and progressives just what New Year’s Eve 2015/16 in Cologne has done to the public perception of refugees and migrants. And the way politicians, police spokespersons and the media have been handling it will give AfD a few percents more in the upcoming election and, as soon as Angela Merkel eventually retires, a coalition with CDU/CSU who will drift to the right for good after that. Winter is coming.

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