Trumped, or The Article I Never Wanted To Write

It took a while for me to digest the horrible news that Donald Trump has been elected to be the 45th President of the United States of America, but here we are. I sincerely hope the political system of the country is stable enough to make sure he won’t be the last President, too, proclaiming himself by God’s Grace Emperor of the United Reich halfway through his term. Damn it, last year I thought “The Man In The High Castle” was an intriguing piece of television entertainment, but a completely fictional one (although, even back then, it was uncanny how well Nazism and American “Let’s F*ckin’ Do It!” capitalism seem to fit together).

Apparently, Mr Trump already is on Bush jr.’s level of stupid political decisions (or below) before he was even sworn into office: does anyone remember how Bush wanted to make a diplomatic crisis with China escalate by all means (before 9/11 happened and made him, and everyone else, forget about it)? See the Wikipedia article on the incident for details. Well, Mr Trump has singlehandedly created said crisis before he took his office.

Or do you remember “freedom fries,” i.e. the Bush Warriors calling everyone who wouldn’t agree with them “un-American” in a McCarthy-style witch-hunt? Well, Breitbart (in league with Trump, and Darth Vader, and Satan, and even Dick Cheney, as Bannon claimed) went as far as calling the quite conservative Kellogg’s company who seem as American as apple pie “un-American.” Just imagine what would happen if these clowns had to deal with something as horrible as 9/11 — they would make Bush look sane and sensible.

Along with his promises to give his foes “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding,” to torment Mexicans and Muslims for no better reason than the fact that they’re Mexicans or Muslims (which makes you wonder how he would treat a Mexican Muslim if he ever met one), to build The Wall and become its Lord Commander (in Game of Thrones, Janos Slynt never was Lord Commander, for even George R.R. Martin’s rich imagination couldn’t make up a horror like that), and to “drain the swamp” (apparently by making all the Swamp Things his cabinet), we can hope for the next four years to be, erm, interesting, to say the least.

I for one do not welcome our new Drumpf Overlord, and I never will. In a time in which far too many people channel their inner Neville Chamberlain by appeasing and normalising fascism, I think it’s crucial to resist them as adamantly as possible.

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Ich habe seit 1983 Computer-Erfahrung und hatte das Glück, mein Hobby nach dem Abitur und einigen Umwegen zum Beruf zu machen. Ich arbeite bei der dimensional GmbH in Köln als Senior Developer, unter anderem mit PHP und Java. Seit 1996 bin ich zusätzlich als freiberuflicher Dozent in den Bereichen Administration, Programmierung und Webentwicklung mit Schwerpunkt LAMP tätig, außerdem als Fachbuchautor und -übersetzer. Eine andere meiner großen Leidenschaften ist die Belletristik; 2016 erschien im Self-Publishing mein erster Roman "Göttersommer", der Teil 1 einer Trilogie ist.
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